If West Elm and Joanna Gaines had a baby...

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 11, 2018
Courtesy facebook.com/sixpennyhome

When you need a new couch or dining room table, a few brands may come to mind. Sixpenny likely isn't one of them. Give it a few years though, and it may become a household name. Launched in 2017 by Kevin Lehrer and Jon Allen, the direct-to-consumer brand is indeed poised to become the next furniture empire.

Lehrer and Allen, alums from brands like Bed, Bath and Beyond and JC Penney, wanted to ensure that the brand differentiates itself by selling handcrafted, high-quality furniture without the hefty price tag. "Our [customers have] kids and pets, and are hosting parties," Lehrer said of the line in a recent interview with Apartment Therapy. "All of our products are built to be lived in. They're not purchased to be an heirloom piece that are placed in a room, and never to be used."

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That philosophy extends to the products themselves, with the furniture designed to be lived-on and loved for many years to come. "In order to comfort you day in and day out, and to outlast years of scratching paws, impromptu guests and wine spills, your furniture should be designed and made with intention—to be sure all that time is well-spent," a company statement reads on their website. "We source the most natural, durable linens and Italian leathers, we stuff our cushions with real down feathers, and we handcraft every frame from solid wood, so that every piece of Sixpenny furniture stands the test of time(s)."

Courtesy facebook.com/sixpennyhome

Since Sixpenny sells their goods directly to consumers, they can save big on costs and also deliver (and ensure) a more positive customer experience along the way. Currently, dining tables start at $799, coffee and side tables start at $299, and sofas at $1,499. Visit Sixpenny.com to scope out their collection for yourself. Hey, your living room isn't going to redecorate itself.