These aren't your average braids either.


Philippe Morghese was a newly- single dad with a problem. He knew he needed to fix his young daughter's hair, but because he was a male and didn't grow up fixing the hair of sisters or friends at camp, he had no idea how to start. Like many of us in search of advice, he ended up turning to the internet for ideas, poring over videos of hair braiding on YouTube, according to FamilyCircle, who interviewed the dedicated father.

Turns out Morghese had a knack for fixing hair, and by the time his daughter, Emma, was in second grade, Morghese was a hair braiding pro, sending his daughter off to school with complicated plaits and technical fishtail braids.

His handiwork earned him a lot of fans in his Daytona Beach neighborhood and he decided to set up a class to teach other dads his hair tricks. Morghese turned that one-time class into a full-time career, offering monthly workshops known as the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory in his hometown. Morghese soon realized that there were a lot of dads eager to learn how to fix their daughters' hair, so he expanded his workshops to 11 states and even the Netherlands. The classes are so popular that Morghese has had to bring in other dads to help teach classes in their own communities, while Philippe teaches a hairstyling boot camp for dads (and moms!) on Facebook Live.

The hair-styling master now has his own hair-braiding tutorials on YouTube and posts pictures of the incredible hairstyles he creates for Emma on Instagram. It's a nice way to giving back to the online community that helped him so much when he was a young dad just trying to fix his daughter's hair.