Are you ready to give your stylist the silent treatment?
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Southern women know that the hair salon is sacred ground and your relationship with your hair stylist ranks in importance just below your mama and your spouse. For decades, as we snapped on our smock, sat down in that rotating chair, and faced the mirror, we have bared our souls. There is unspoken rule that what is said in the hair chair, stays in the hair chair. Or at least until the next client comes in to hear the gossip.

But in today's age of 24/7connectivity and over stimulation of mindlessly scrolling through our phones constantly, would you forego the counseling session with your stylist? Are the days of the communal therapy session with all of the beauty shop's patrons, like our favorite women from Natchitoches, in the past? Would you opt into a silent hair appointment for the sake of your mental health?

One hair salon in London thinks you might. Not Another Salon, located on London's famed Brick Lane, offers a "silent" option when booking an appointment. There is no extra cost for this service but after a brief consolation with your stylist about what you're looking to do with your hair, no one will speak to you until the appointment is complete.

Salon owner Sophie Hilton explained her motivation to Independent UK on why she launched this service.

"These days, in our overstimulated world, alone time is scarce, and I believe that is the key to better mental health," she said.

Hilton also explained that it's not just about not wanting to make small talk. She promotes her salon as welcoming any and all clients into a "judgement free zone," and has quite a few clients who struggle with mental health issues and may not feel comfortable talking about their lives with a stranger.

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How do you think this service would go down in salons in the South? We can only imagine what Truvy Jones would say. Would you be interested in a silent hair appointment?