Start dusting off those martini glasses!
shrimp cocktail
Credit: Smith Collection/Gado / Contributor/ Getty Images

Start dusting off those martini glasses y'all, because shrimp cocktails are coming back!

In a recent interview with UK's Radio Times, former Great British Bake Off judge and floral blazer aficionado, Mary Berry, shared her opinions on the hottest food trends—what's done and what's next.

Not surprisingly, the beloved Brit has some strong opinions. For one, the 82-year-old believes that avocados have no business being on toast. According to Berry, a more appropriate spot for avocados is in a prawn cocktail, a retro classic known in the U.S. as a shrimp cocktail.

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"Better to add them to a prawn cocktail or to a little plate of smoked salmon or shrimps," she told the Radio Times. "And I love prawn cocktail— it's so retro! Do it in a glass, with a little gem lettuce leaf. People used to laugh at prawn cocktail because it felt dated, but it's coming back."

You heard it here first!