"Nobody wants to be somebody else’s rebound."

We know, we know, you're still not over the major cliffhanger of season one of Netflix's Sweet Magnolias. Well, now that it's officially been announced that the hit series will be back for a second season, we really can't stop wondering what's to come for the guys and gals of Serenity.

For those of us who just need some clues already, you're in luck. Sheryl J. Anderson, the show's executive producer, recently sat down with Metro.co.uk to dish exclusively about what fans can expect in season two of the romantic drama. Now is the time to stop reading if you don't want any spoilers.

First, Anderson spills that the loose ends season one created will be tied up in the new season. "We are going to answer all the question that the viewers have been asking about the car crash, Issac’s parents, Maddie and Coach Cal, all of it. But we’re also going to be asking some new questions too," she says, adding that "almost everybody you have come to love, you will get to see again." Even fans of the Sweet Magnolias book series—penned by Sherryl Woods—will be in for some unexpected loops in the television adaptation, Anderson admits.

"I really appreciate how passionate everybody is about what they think should happen. We set the cliffhanger up that way because we already knew where those story lines are going," Anderson comments. "And all I can say is we have our reasons so even if there are tough moments for our ladies, and our favorite characters go in unexpected directions, I hope viewers will have enough trust from season one that people will be willing to go on the roller coaster with us."

Later in the interview, Anderson divulged that we'll probably see some quarrels between Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen. The "bumps in the road" that the show's creators hope to put in are necessary help the characters see "how incredible it is to have friends like that at your side," and we're certainly eager to see how it all plays out.

Even more eager are we to see what unfolds between Maddie and Cal. "For Maddie, the way that Bill betrayed her means trust is a central issue for her. And that is something I think that she and Cal need to explore. That’s still a wound that needs to heal," she reflects. "And then you get into the whole question of 'Are you moving too fast and overlooking flaws?' Nobody wants to be somebody else’s rebound."

We must admit we hope this sweet couple has staying power, but if they don't, that's all the more popcorn and vino-sipping analysis sessions for us. We've got the group text thread with our best friends raring to go.