'Sweet Magnolias' Author Sherryl Woods Has Some Big Hopes for the Future of the Netflix Series

 "I'd like to believe it's going to go longer, even longer-term than season two," Woods said in a recent interview.

Here's a recap of recent weeks in our living room log: Stream season one of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. Fall in love with the guys and gals of Serenity and listen to the Sweet Magnolias audiobooks (for free!) on Hoopla. Re-watch Sweet Magnolias and hope that we soon get word the show has been renewed and season two is in the works.

Unfortunately, we're still waiting for that wonderful day when Netflix officially announces Sweet Magnolias—which is based on an eponymous 11-book collection by author Sherryl Woods—is coming back for a second season. Nevertheless, a new interview with Woods, who is also an executive producer for the Netflix series, published on Elle.com is giving us major hope that there's more to come on our screens with Dana Sue, Helen, Maddie, and the crew.

In the piece, interviewer Lauren Puckett asks, "We don't have a confirmed season two yet, but I don't think it's too early to predict we'll get one. If you could have your way with the scripts, what do you want to see next?"

First, Woods, outlines some aspirations for future seasons. She thinks season two will continue to look at the relationship between Maddie and Cal, what unfolds for Dana Sue with Ronnie and Jeremy, and what's in store for Helen. Then, she oh-so-casually says, "But longer term—because I'd like to believe it's going to go longer, even longer-term than season two—one of the things the books do is introduce a lot of characters who bring in other issues." Can you hear our heartstrings reverberating with glee at this suggestion of several more seasons of the show.

Here we are, sitting around wishing for a second season when it didn't even occur to us to wish for, say, five more seasons. If the prospect of that isn't worth bending an elbow, margarita glass en tote, we don't know what is.

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