Here's How Author Sherryl Woods Reacted to the Dramatic Sweet Magnolias Season 1 Finale on Netflix

Thankfully, "Netflix needs to renew this minute," was part of her response.

Sweet Magnolias Netflix

For those of you who are yet to finish Netflix's Sweet Magnolias, be aware of the spoil alert within. For those of you who gobbled up the show like aunt Frieda's pecan pie, we feel you. Just like every episode in the hit new Netflix series starring JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Eliott, and Heather Headley, the first season's last episode has some big-time twists and turns. As it turns out, even Sherryl Woods, the author of the Sweet Magnolias books, upon which the TV series is based, was shocked by the cliffhanger in the season finale.

"The cliffhanger accident was not in the books, but boy, what a way to [end the season]," Woods said to our sister publication PEOPLE in a recent interview. "In fact, when I read the script for the 10th episode, I immediately emailed [the show's executive producer] Sheryl Anderson and said, 'Netflix needs to renew this minute.'"

Unfortunately Woods didn't confirm the show being renewed for a second season in the article—praise be to Dana Sue's margaritas if it were official—but she did say, she's as hopeful as viewers are that we get to see more of these ladies on our television screens. "There's a lot more to each of their stories," she told the celebrity news outlet.

We also recently caught up with Swisher to hear about those epic margarita nights, the possibility of a season two, and more. “It’s been so great to be able to bring something to people that lifts them up,” Swisher told Southern Living. “But it’s also real and relatable. Yes, it is based in a small town, and there are so many wholesome themes that I’m very proud of, but it also honors so many people and experiences.” Watch the video below.

WATCH: JoAnna Garcia Swisher on Sweet Magnolias Runaway Success⁠—“It’s Been a Very Bright Spot”

What did you think of the season one ending? What do you think will happen next? If you're anything like us, you're so ready to head back to the fictional South Carolina town of Serenity and find out.

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