Here's to Fido finding a loving "home for the pawlidays."

By Michelle Darrisaw
November 16, 2017
Golden Retriever Puppy Amongst Gourds
Credit: Lynn M. Stone/Nature Picture Library/Getty Images

The holidays tend to make us all want to open our hearts and wallets to help the causes we care about. Well, for the staff at Lifeline Animal Project, they're hoping the holidays will want to make people open up their homes, too.

For the first time ever, LifeLine Animal Project just launched a new program, "Home for the Pawlidays," to get 20 homeless dogs out of the shelter and into a temporary home for Thanksgiving.

"It's an initiative through which these lucky pups will spend a week as special guests in people's homes," spokesperson Karen Hirsch told TODAY. "We are providing the food, pet supplies, and support—and participants will provide the love."

Seems like a fair trade. Insanely cute dogs get a chance to spend Thanksgiving in a warm, loving home surrounded by delicious treats and a glistening turkey. And the potential adopters get a furry companion to celebrate the holidays with from November 18 through November 25. The premise of the project is that during this short time spent in a home it may lead to the animals living with the selected families on a permanent basis.

"We are very excited to see them leave the shelter and spend Thanksgiving with a family," Hirsch said.

In addition to the pets getting a temporary vacation away from the animal shelter, the "Home for the Pawlidays" program has other benefits that veterinarian Sheila D'Arpino explained to TODAY.

"It gives them a much-needed break from the shelter," said D'Arpino, who is also the director of research for Maddie's Fund. "Think of it as like the weekend to our stressful work weeks."

In a recent study compiled by Maddie's Fund in September 2017, the results showed that animals living in shelters experience high levels of stress. According to D'Arpino, short-term pet fostering, like LifeLine is implementing, can help to reduce or stabilize a dog's cortisol levels.

Not to mention, providing these animals with a home fur-ever is probably the best gift you can give this holiday season.

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Follow the hashtag #LifeLinePawliday on social media to keep track of each pup's individual Thanksgiving vacation. However, if you'd like to foster a pet temporarily for the holidays or donate an item from their wish list, visit LifeLine's site here.