Do you recognize this fish's pearly whites?

By Meghan Overdeep
May 11, 2018
Facebook/South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources caused quite the stir earlier this week after it asked its social media followers to identify a fish with frighteningly humanlike teeth.

Alongside a photo of the fish's jarring chompers, the department offered a riddle:

"You'll need a saltwater fishing license to catch me! I like to hang out near rocks, jetties, reefs, and even bridges ... The coolest thing about me? I have human-like incisors and molars to help crush my food. I like shrimp and oysters just like you do!"

"I don't know but it looks like it stole someone's dentures lol," one user wrote. "That's cool and creepy" another chimed in.

In addition to the cries of disbelief, plenty of people were quick to (correctly) identify the peculiar fish as a Sheepshead, a familiar face off the nation's southeast coast. As one Facebook user wrote: "Those suckers bite and ask questions later!"

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For more information on this mysterious fish, visit The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources' website.