Life finds a way.  

Shackleford Banks Wild Horse Baby
Credit: Facebook/Cape Lookout National Seashore

North Carolina's wild horses never cease to amaze us with their strength and resilience.

While it's one thing to ride out a storm safely, it's another thing entirely to give birth to a healthy baby while you're at it! But that's nature for you.

Today, Cape Lookout National Seashore revealed that a new foal joined the Shackleford Banks herd right around the time Hurricane Dorian was bearing down on the Outer Banks.

"She was born sometime around the storm, but we cannot say for sure if it was before, during or after," Cape Lookout National Seashore wrote on Facebook alongside a photo (below) of the sweet Chestnut foal.

Foundation for Shackleford Horses, the non-profit that manages the herd, also took to Facebook to celebrate the miraculous new arrival.

"What have we been telling you about the resilience of our Banker horses?!" the organization wrote. "Welcome, pretty girl! You have taken the world ‘by storm,' for sure!"

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North Carolina's famous wild horses have been riding out hurricanes for centuries, thanks, in large part to their "butts to the wind" technique.

We have no doubt these majestic beauties and their babies will continue to roam the barrier islands for many more years to come.

Congrats to all involved!