Yes, totally for free, no purchase necessary.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
July 26, 2018
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I have a confession to make. I am addicted to sheet face masks. It's a new addiction that began a little over a year ago when I began working for Southern Living. I hadn't yet tried this new phenomenon until our Beauty editor, Patricia Shannon, offered me one to try. I'd had a migraine earlier that day and she thought it might relax me. Boy, did it ever. Who knew what magical powers were contained in that thin, flimsy, envelope?

I don't even recall which brand I tried first that day but I was hooked. I have since grabbed one up every time I've seen one in a store. They have become my favorite guilty pleasure. Pausing for just ten minutes for a sheet mask calms my stress levels, the coolness of the mask can often aid in reducing my migraine pain, and when my ten minutes are up, my skin always looks refreshed and dewy like I've paid a lot more than the average $6 the mask costs to achieve that just had a facial at the spa look.

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Thanks to a birthday gift from another colleague I discovered that one of my favorites has to be Sephora's Rose Mask. The rose scent adds an extra layer of luxury that I adore. And the serum used on Sephora's sheet masks seems to have an extra level of hydration that leave my skin feeling like silk, and bonus, smelling like a rose! So imagine my elation at the news that this weekend, Sephora is giving this face mask away. That's right—totally free! No purchase required. Just show up. I know, that seems crazy, but it's true. The beauty juggernaut will be giving away one regular size Rose or Pearl face mask from it's signature Sephora Collection for free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—July 27 through the 29th—while supplies last.

Sales aren't a common occurrence for Sephora so a full on giveaway is an absolute rarity. This will probably mean you will have to brace that scorching summer sunshine and stand in line. But trust me y'all, slap on some SPF, pack your patience and maybe a book, and head on to your local shopping center. It will be worth it. I promise!