And they played oldies only, of course!

Senior Citizens Prom King and Queen
Credit: The Palace at Coral Gables

They're seniors all right, but not the kind you would typically associate with prom night. These were senior citizens who laughed, flirted, and danced the night away at The Palace at Coral Gables' second-annual "senior prom" last week, not high school students. Although you could have fooled us.

For that one night at least, age really did feel like just a number. Ladies blushed, corsages tied around wrists, hips moving and shaking, and the majority of the luxury community's 260 residents relived their glory days to the soundtrack of their favorite oldies hits.

"I've never been to a prom in my life," 83-year-old Joanie Marshall, told the Miami Herald. "I'm so happy, so excited to be here with all of you." Marshall, the night's prom queen, wore a black sequin dress and carried a large bouquet of roses.

"It's wonderful. It keeps me young," said Lee Adelson, 88, a proud member of the prom.

Senior Citizens Prom Court
Credit: The Palace at Coral Gables

The women spent days fussing over their hair and makeup, and picking out dresses. The men focused on making sure their suits were pressed and sharp. And then, they danced. Some even wheeled their walkers out onto the dancefloor.

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"And tomorrow, and for the next few days, this is all they'll be talking about," Pamela Parker, the Palace's social director, said to the Herald. "They may be sore tomorrow, I don't know," she added.