Well, now we know.
Self-Checkout Grocery Store
Credit: Lighthousebay/Getty Images

You know you're in the South when somebody struggles with the self-checkout machine at the grocery store and the entire line jumps to the individual's aid.

Helping someone? Always a pleasure. Being that person who can't figure out how to use the kiosk? Not so much fun. Quite often, people struggle with these machines when they're trying to buy a fruit or vegetable, looking up an item by its name and squinting to try and find it on the list. Well here's a genius tip, courtesy of Reader's Digest:

"When buying produce, customers typically look up the item by name. But it's easy to second guess yourself when scrolling through all the different types of apples and tomatoes, especially if you picked up something different from the norm because it was on sale," explains Emily Racette Parulski. "If you spent extra time hunting for the best deal, it'd be a shame to miss out on it because you entered in the wrong item. It's much easier to punch in the PLU code. Just enter the 4- or 5-digit code and boom, the machine knows exactly what you're purchasing."

So there you have it, simply type in the code on the produce sticker and you'll speed up the self-checkout process. Another savvy tip from Reader's Digest? Practice good supermarket etiquette and skip the self-checkout if you have more than 20 items and head to the traditional checkout line. (Of course, we're Southerners, so we'd probably come to your aid with a smile even if your grocery cart were overflowing like Noah's Arc.)

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So, what's your favorite piece of advice for using the self-checkout at the grocery store or while shopping somewhere with the self-checkout kiosk?