Crab Louie, Lobster Thermidor, Crepes Suzette? Sign us up.
Chef Sean Brock In Conversaton With David Chang
Credit: Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Whether you've long been a fan of Sean Brock's cooking or only became acquainted with the man behind Husk when he ventured to a Charleston Waffle House with Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown, the luminary chef is one to watch.

Which is why we're watching Brock’s latest project, his newest and yet-to-be-named restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. The eatery will be located at the Grand Hyatt Nashville—scheduled to open in fall of this year—which is situated on the 17-acre Nashville Yards mixed-use complex from developer Southwest Value Partners. According to a press release, "Brock will bring to life a reimagined take on continental cuisine and classic American fare," and serve as the operator behind the hotel's signature restaurant, the menu for which he will conceptualize. The menu is shaping up to be heavy on the big hits of yesteryear: Crab Louie, Lobster Thermidor, and Oysters Rockefeller, to name a few, along with old-school tableside presentation for Trout Amandine, Caesar salad, and the classic French dessert, Crêpes Suzette. Guests can also order a whole roasted chicken, presented and carved before their eyes and Beef Wellington, arriving on the Guéridon (that's fancy for small circular table).

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“The idea is to truly embrace and be inspired by the original great American hotel restaurants, to invigorate the spirit of those historic dishes," Brock said in the press release. “This will be a place for diners to share a satisfying and leisurely meal together, host a power lunch, or partake in celebration. The restaurant will embody the idea of a celebratory attitude towards eating out, no matter the occasion.”

Located on the entry level of the 25-floor hotel, the restaurant will be outfitted with two bars, plenty of luxurious banquettes, and roomy booths. “We are thrilled for Grand Hyatt Nashville’s restaurant collaboration with Sean Brock – one of the most celebrated, iconic chefs in the country – who will offer guests and visitors an exceptional, captivating restaurant experience,” said George Vizer, senior vice president, franchise operations, Hyatt, in the same media statement. “The Grand Hyatt brand is all about celebrating the iconic and magnificent moments – and this signature dining experience will help Grand Hyatt Nashville deliver on this brand mission by celebrating classic, elevated American cuisine through Chef Brock’s culinary artistry.”

Now, where can we get a heaping tumble of Oysters Rockefeller to tide us over until Brock's latest bistro arrives?