We're rooting for these unhatched little ones.
New born sea turtle coming out from nest
Credit: Karliux_/Getty Images

If we close our eyes and picture that magical experience of witnessing baby sea turtles hatch and crawl across the sand for the first time, or even just recall the viral video we saw of these newborn reptiles, we can almost escape reality for a few fleeting moments. We're grateful for organizations around the South (and world) which help protect and care for them, like The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. We're grateful for that calming Tweet we saw depicting a little one march off to sea. We're even grateful for that glass sea turtle on our desk whose steady gaze grounds us during these long days at home.

And today, we're sending sea turtles a little extra love thanks to an unsettling update from The Virginian-Pilot. On Halloween morning, a green sea turtle laid a nest of eggs by the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore—near Buxton, North Carolina, in the Outer Banks—more than two months after the conclusion of the typical egg-laying season which takes place during warmer months. (Female sea turtles typically deposit upwards of 100 eggs at a time.) This marks the first time in over two decades, since at least 1997, that a turtle has laid its eggs this far along in the year, according to a press release from Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Unfortunately, the baby turtles are not likely to survive this time of year, said the national seashore’s Deputy Chief of Resource Management and Science, Meaghan Johnson, in the media statement, per the news outlet. “If we have a very mild winter, the nest stands a chance …” Johnson commented.

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Slow and steady may win the race, as they say, but mother nature reigns over all, so we guess we'll just have to keep these animals in our thoughts and hope for the best. We sure pray these resilient little turtles make it.