This is pretty much the one thing you should never do with scrambled eggs.

What's for breakfast? Scrambled eggs on toast.

Well, you may want to think again about the fast, easy breakfast champion of many homes—particularly how you serve it. The classic breakfast combo may be tasty, but plopping scrambled eggs fresh off the skillet onto your toast can ruin the dish, and injure your culinary pride. And why, pray tell is that?

The reason is simple: Moist Ingredient + Toast = Welcome to Soggy Town. The Guardian elaborates in a recent article for the case against scrambled eggs served atop toast: "If those eggs are to any degree wet, they will leave your toast soggy. Even if your eggs are coated in nothing but a glossy, buttery sheen, there is a danger that trapped steam will render your toast a sloppy, spongy mess," writes Tony Naylor. As if you like the blanket of warmth your eggs provide your rapidly-cooling toast? "Warm the plate and serve the toast neighbouring the eggs."

Of course, after you actually begin to eat your meal, it's fine to spoon your eggs onto your toast. If you do this right before you eat, the eggs won't stay perched on the toast long enough to soak the bread and make it soggy. Ever wonder why a diner always serves your toast on a side plate or at least sitting in their own corner of the platter? Now you know.