Just in time for Father's Day

Scotty McCreery New Video
Scotty McCreery releases a new video that will pull at your heart strings.

American Idol winner and country music crooner Scotty McCreery just released an emotional new music video for his single "Five More Minutes." Cue the tissues, because the tear-jerking video is dedicated to both of his grandfathers, and features sweet family home videos from McCreery's childhood.

McCreery, 23, told Southern Living that he wrote this song shortly after one of his grandfathers passed away.

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"My emotions were still pretty raw after losing my Granddaddy but talking about it is the best way to deal with those emotions."

He added that the song title, "Five More Minutes" was suggested to him "Because it seemed that was what I was wanting."

"The whole song is talking about time, and time gone by, and time you still wish you had, and those home videos are precious moments," McCreery told People. "Everybody's got those kind of videos that makes you look back on your life."

McCreery, said that he and his family had 48 hours-worth of home footage to pull from for the project. "There was always a camcorder, which is awesome—we wouldn't have these memories you look back on now without it," he added. "They always had their old video camera."

The singer-songwriter said the response to this song was much bigger than anticipated.

"It's wild to see people respond to it organically," McCreery said of the song. "Everybody's got their story. This song is my story, but everyone when they hear the song can have their moment."

He also understands that once the song is released, it takes on different meanings for different folks who listen.

"I hope they gain an appreciation for their fathers, being Father's Day, grandfathers and that they just learn to live in the moment. When I'm hearing this song, I tear up a little and I've heard others do too but I hope it's good tears. I hope they are remembering the good times."