Attention, Remote Tech Workers! Savannah Will Pay Moving Fees Up to $2,000 for You to Relocate

The Hostess City of the South is ready to welcome you.

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Dreaming of setting down your roots somewhere new? If you or your partner is employed as a remote tech worker, then you may want to set your sights on Savannah, Georgia.

The historic city along Georgia's coast is looking to help ease the financial burdens of making the move thanks to a new program from the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA. The newly created Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive mimics other programs such as Tulsa Remote, to compel remote workers, in this case specifically in tech, to move to a new city that might not otherwise be on their radars. Per SEDA's press release, the program—which strives to boost Savannah and Chatham County's profile as a developing tech hub—reimburses moving expenses up to $2,000 for qualified technology workers who don't already reside in Savannah.

"This incentive is a great way for technology workers to think about relocating to Savannah, especially those who are able to work remotely, given the current public health crisis," said Trip Tollison, SEDA president and CEO, in the same media statement. "This incentive is a great way for technology workers that can work remotely to think about relocating to Savannah as a permanent location. We know once these technology workers arrive, Savannah–and its diverse offerings and high quality of life–will sell itself,"Tollison later commented.

Channeling that spirit, SEDA Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jen Bonnett, also said, "The Savannah region is a great place to choose to live and we think we can tap into talent that is able to work from anywhere. Our beautiful, historic downtown, plus access to wonderful beaches and our reasonable real estate market makes us quite an attractive place to live and work."

Gwendolyn Dipert, a product manager for Zift Solutions, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, offered some insight on her personal experience moving to Savannah: "When I came here two years ago, I was grateful and a bit surprised to find a lively tech community. Everyone cares deeply about their work, but they know how to have fun, too. We're laid back around here–with an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and zero interest in any pretense. The humble but hardworking attitudes are what I love the most," said Dipert in the press release.

In addition to this $2,000 reimbursement incentive and other available offerings from the state, SEDA also offers the Facility Rental Assistance Grant, a cash grant of up to $12,000 toward office rental for technology firms that create at least 10 new positions, as well as the High Wage Job Creation Grant, a cash grant of up to $20,000 for every five high-technology jobs created and retained for a year.

To qualify for Savannah Technology's Workforce Incentive program, you must have at least three years of confirmed experience and you must relocate to Chatham County with a minimum one-year lease or purchased property, and you must have lived in the county for 30 days before applying. Applicants must also provide receipts from their move (including expenses such as moving service charges, vehicle rental, utility deposits, and gasoline), and have a Georgia driver's license and a Chatham County address.

Ready to eRumble? Apply for the program here.

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Share with us: Does your city or county have a program to help bring remote workers into the area? Have you ever moved to a new city to be part of such a program? We'd love to hear your stories and experiences, for those who have participated.

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