This story is so sweet.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 17, 2018
Amy 13th Birthday Party
Credit: Courtesy Coleton Phillips/KultureCity

Savage's Bakery in Birmingham is known for its tasty deli sandwiches and delightful cakes. Now it can add another signature to its list: Heartwarming kindness.

As Michelle Matthews originally reported for, it all started when employee Elizabeth Scott answered the phone to find a mom, Kim, inquiring about getting a birthday cake (with lots of flowers!) for her daughter. After chatting further, Scott learned that Kim's daughter, Amy, is autistic. Though she was about to turn 13, Amy had never had a birthday party before — mom had once sent out invites to a party and nobody showed up.

"This spoke to my heart," Scott told "I told her we would invite a bunch of folks and make it extra special."

Determined to make the day a success, Scott shared an invitation to the party on the store's Facebook page, and reached out to KultureCity, a nonprofit based in Birmingham to support those with autism, to help make the day extra memorable.

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Sensory Vehicle Amy's Party
Credit: Courtesy Coleton Phillips/KultureCity

KultureCity was able to bring along a new sensory activation vehicle, specifically designed for those with sensory processing needs (pictured above), that features bean bag chairs, special interactive attractions, and more, to make Amy feel at ease. On the big day, kids came out from Birmingham and the surrounding communities to celebrate Amy.

Take a peek at the big day — smiles, gift opening, and one amazing flowery cake — below.

Happy birthday, Amy!