Santa and Mrs. Claus Deliver Hundreds of Handmade Blankets To Isolated North Carolina Seniors

“Each of these blankets had the special touch of the hands that made it.”

The residents of 18 nursing homes throughout North Carolina got a special Valentine's Day treat from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The Christmas-loving couple, also known as Jesse and Debbie Cann, celebrate every Valentine's Day by gifting handmade blankets to warm the hearts (and laps) of isolated nursing home residents.

“Share the Love” blanket ministry

Santa & Friends

The "Blankets & Blessings" ministry is one of many ministries run by the Canns (pictured above before COVID-19) through their non-profit organization, Santa & Friends.

This year, Santa & Friends delivered more than 600 blankets to 18 nursing homes across six counties in honor of Heart Health Awareness Month in February.

"We were blessed beyond measure to have so many volunteers to make these blankets and so many donate funds to buy fabric. We had more than 40 ladies sewing for us and 14 kids," Debbie told Southern Living. "We had over 350 yards of fabric donated. Some of the blankets were made with yarn, some were made with fleece; but every blanket was made with love. Each of these blankets had the special touch of the hands that made it."

Santa & Friends Blankets
Santa & Friends

The Canns pray over every single blanket before they deliver them, though sadly this year, not even Santa Claus is allowed inside nursing homes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Obviously, we are sad that we can't go into the nursing homes and actually wrap these blankets around the residents ourselves," Debbie told WRAL.

Instead, the Canns looked on through windows and doors as their gifts were received.

"You can just tell by the smile on their face the love that they feel when they get that blanket," Debbie told the local news station. "They put their hands up on the window, and they kiss us through the window, and you know they are so lonely. They are just so lonely."

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