After watching this video, you'll be out of tears for the week.
Mustang Symbol
Credit: the_guitar_mann/Getty Images

San Antonio resident Wesley Ryan would do anything and everything to help his wife, Laura, after an ovarian cancer diagnosis. In 2001, that meant selling his beloved 1993 Mustang GT, which the family called "Christine," to help pay for her medical bills.

"My wife had a fight on her hands. We had to be strong. We had to make sure everything was there for her to be healthy. I didn't want her to worry about bills," Ryan told News4SA. "I had a sick wife. It was a no brainer." Happily, Laura is now healthy and cancer-free.

More than 15 years later, Ryan's kids surprised their dad by tracking down the car and buying it back to surprise their dad with, a moment which was captured in a video that garnered national attention. But the heart-melting moments didn't end there.

When Ford learned about the sweet story, they knew they wanted to do something to make the Ryan family smile. Earlier this month, they took the family on a special tour of Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan and presented Ryan with an upgraded — new engine, tires, paint job, the works — "Christine," that they made over with the help of Hennessey Performance. Watch the interview with Ryan and the family's trip to Michigan on News4SA here.

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"It's still her, but she's got a new heart," Ryan, visibly choked up, said of the newly revamped vehicle. "I don't know, I'm at a loss for words. It's beautiful." We are, too, Ryan family.