Hip hip, car-ray!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 14, 2019
Sam's Club

With summer upon us, road trip season is on the horizon too. In fact, AAA says about 53% of traveling families expect to pack their cars for a road trip this year.

While that means plenty of fun and Cracker Barrel pit stops, it also means you may encounter getting a flat while out on your adventures, or it may be time to buy a new set of tires. Well, Sam's Club has been working hard to help you on that front, and starting this July, the tire shopping experience will be a breeze thanks to a new app, Sam's Garage.

Sam's Club Tire and Battery Center associates will now use the innovative technology to help trim the tire recommendation process from around 30 minutes to under five minutes. The app will use proprietary algorithms and customized recommendations based on members' needs, replacing an outdated process that used five systems. In addition to helping with tire shopping, Sam's Garage will also help members determine what windshield wipers and car battery to buy. Read the full press release here.

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Now that you've freed up an extra 30 minutes of dealing with auto service concerns, it looks like you'll have time to make that swimming hole or taco joint detour on the road, after all.