Two pounds of bacon for less than $10? Yes please!

Sam's Club Bacon Slab
Credit: Sam's Club

Sam's Club knows that the only thing better than bacon is more bacon.

To the delight of breakfast enthusiasts and carnivores everywhere, the bulk retailer recently introduced a huge, two-pound slab of bacon. And in case your mouth wasn't already watering, it's selling for just $9.97.

The unsliced, double-smoked slab comes in a resealable container, which is perfect because most families would be hard-pressed to make it through all two pounds of delicious bacon in one sitting. (Although the thought is tempting!)

Texans will be delighted to learn that the company behind this brunch game changed is Lone Star State-based company Wright Brand, which has been doing "bacon the right way" since 1922.

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Wondering what to do with a slab of unsliced bacon? The product description on the Sam's Club website provides shoppers a variety of uses for the whopping package of bacon. "Customize your artisanal recipes by chopping, slicing, or mincing the bacon up," the website advises. "It adds a smoky, savory, and robust flavor to any meal."