The job market site looked at all the roles these parents play to determine what their paycheck should be.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 17, 2019
Mother and Daughter Dancing at Home
Credit: MoMo Productions/Getty Images

Being a stay-at-home parent is no easy task. You wear countless hats: Executive chef, entertainment director, homework helper, athletic coach, therapist, chauffeur, and so many more. Thanks in large part to technological advancements, stay-at-home parents sometimes also have full-time or part-time work, to boot.

Your "paycheck" may be zilch, and while the true value of all of your work is priceless, decided to determine what the annual salary of a stay-at-home parent should be, based on 2018 salary data. With the help of the Salary Wizard they looked at a variety of jobs that these parents take on (de facto accountant, photographer, CEO, to name a few on their list) and discovered that the annual salary of a stay-at-home parent in 2018, were they to be paid, comes out to an average of $162,581. (It's worth noting that's number-crunching isn't exactly a formal study.) What about average work week length? These devoted parents are logging around 96 hours, according to Talk about overtime.

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Meanwhile, in's 2017 would-be salary earnings calculations, the average stay-at-home parent should have netted $157,705, about $5,000 less than 2018. At least all these hardworking moms and dads got a raise!