Plus, see how the tennis court was transformed into Sadie's dream wedding venue.
Sadie Robertson
Credit: Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

If you're a fan of A&E's Duck Dynasty, or even just caught the show on TV a handful of times, you're probably familiar with Sadie Robertson, the sweet, energetic daughter of Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson.

Now married to Christian Huff, the 23-year-old no longer lives in her family's home in West Monroe, Louisiana, but that's still where her heart is—and where she and Huff headed during the  coronavirus outbreak. On a recent segment on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna, the reality star gave viewers an amazing tour of the family's sprawling mansion.

"My home is probably my favorite place in the world. It is the most peaceful, beautiful home. I gotta say my mom did an amazing job with all the design work of it," Robertson begins, noting that though she no longer lives there, she still has her room there and she comes back to visit often. "This is the house where all my memories kind of formed."

Taking viewers through the abode room-by-room, we enter the Robertson family's beautiful living room, anchored by a stone fireplace, before she guides us through their family kitchen, her bedroom, porch, and more, offering interesting anecdotes throughout. `

She pauses in the kitchen to reminisce on how important family supper is. "That's the heart of this home for real. My dad is an amazing cook and when he cooks the dinner, and we all get around the dinner table, it's just some of the best conversations and just the sweetest times."

A family favorite is a "big roast, it's always so fun, especially when there's a spread" or, after her dad goes hunting, deer steak and biscuits, "a classic Southern Louisiana meal." Later in the tour, we get to see the family's office space. "The foundation of everything my family does is our faith, and literally the foundation of our floor has that incorporated," she explains, pointing to the scripture quotes her mom had etched into the floor for each of the family's kids. "It's also a reminder of making sure that God's word is at the forefront and the foundation of everything that we do."

Next, it's off to the tennis court where Robertson shares a story about how she and Christian, both tennis fanatics, decided to get married there. Watch the full tour—nearly nine-minutes long!—below, which also includes a peek insider Robertson's Ford Bronco, lovingly named "Delilah."

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Now that you've peeked inside the Robertson family's home, what's your favorite spot? That backyard sure ranks pretty high on places we'd like to retreat to right about now.