Once or twice a week, Wayne Parfitt hits the streets of Newport News with his flag in hand.

Wayne Parfitt American Flag
Credit: Wayne Parfitt

Wayne Parfitt has always loved running. But recently, the 53-year-old has been grabbing headlines for combining his favorite activity with two of his other loves: his son and his country.

Fox News spoke with Parfitt about how he has spent the past few months running the streets of Newport News, Virginia with an American flag. It's the gesture of a proud father running in support of his 22-year-old son Joe, who is currently deployed overseas with the U.S. Army.

Once or twice a week—sometimes running six miles or more— Parfitt hits the pavement with his flag in hand. On July 4, he took it even further, running with the flag for a symbolic 17.76 miles.

Parfitt, who has been running for many years, told Fox that he "felt it in his heart to run with the flag to honor my son, as well as all deployed."

With Old Glory held aloft, he said he regularly gets thumbs up and even the occasional stop-and-salute from drivers and pedestrians alike.

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"It is important to me because it changes the focus of my time. Not just a training run, but time to reflect, be proud and grateful for all our military," Parfitt, who is competing in his 14th full marathon this weekend, told Fox. "I also feel that many times we drive by a flag, perhaps outside a building or ballpark, never giving it thought. To see someone running, alone, with the flag, gets it noticed."

We salute you, Wayne!