And why Harry and Meghan didn't have one—well not exactly.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
May 18, 2018
Anwar Hussein / Contributor

All eyes have turned towards our kin across the pond as the world watchs the nuptials of Prince Harry and his American bride. As we awoke to the sounds of alarm clocks in the wee hours and set the menus for our own Royal Wedding watch parties, it's fun to watch the details of the big day as they are revealed.

While this wedding has been a traditional, grand, royal affair, in many ways, Harry and Meghan are breaking the mold and ushering the royal family into a new modern era.

The most obvious example is the bride herself—a biracial, self made American woman is marrying into the royal family for the first time. But in smaller strides, the couple has forgone the traditional fruit cake for a lemon elderflower wedding cake and instead of foreign dignitaries filling the church pews, Harry and Meghan have extended wedding invitations to local school children and men and women who've dedicated their lives to community service.

But they are not the first royal couple to break tradition. Harry's own parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles defied the stereotype that the British royals were stuffy and subdued. It's customary for the royal family to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after major life events—especially weddings. And prior to the wedding of Charles and Di, the happy couple just stood next to each other and waved. But that July day in 1981, Charles and Diana leaned into one another and shared a kiss for the world to see.

Anwar Hussein / Contributor

And when William married Kate in 2011, the world once again rejoiced as the pair loving smooched on that famous balcony. Although, let's be honest, that pouty pint-sized bridesmaid stole the show.

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But with Harry and Meghan getting married away from London and at Windsor Castle, which does not have a balcony, royal fans were a flutter at the thought that this iconic moment won't happen. It's true. The happy couple will not appear at the balcony in Buckingham Palace because their festivities will all take place in Windsor. But that doesn't mean we didn't get that movie magic moment. Guesses as to when and where we'd see that kiss were running wild online. Some said the two could engage in their first public kiss as they exit St. George's Chapel, right there on the steps. Others wagered we could see it during the newlyweds' carriage procession through town. That's the Disney Princess version. A smooch in the back of a carriage—how dreamy! But now we know. We got the magic moment right away, right in the doorway on the church steps. Congrats to those who made that bet! And who knows, maybe Harry and Meghan have set a new tradition!

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