Two Rules Every Guest Must Follow When Dining with Queen Elizabeth

Duly noted.

queen Elizabeth smiling wearing blue
Photo: Samir Hussein / Contributor

Needless to say, the British royal family knows a thing or two about manners. The proper posse dazzles with their curtsies and delights with their signature waves, but did you know there are also specific rules for dining with the Queen?

As an article from Taste of Home explains, if you find yourself gathered 'round the table with Queen Elizabeth II, you've got to stick to some royal protocol. First, you shan't take your seat before the Queen sits down. Yes, that means even if you're at a massive gala, you must wait until the Queen seats herself before you do the same. Second, you can only start eating after she takes her first bite, and you must stop eating as soon as the Queen finishes her meal. "[Y]ou better eat quick, because as soon as the Queen finishes, everyone else must finish as well," notes Kiersten Hickman in the Taste of Home article.

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So there you have it, the two rules of dining with Lillibet. Now, what to wear to Buckingham Palace?

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