Royal Caribbean is sending ships to deliver supplies and rescue stranded tourists.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 11, 2017
Royal Caribbean Irma Response
Credit: Getty / MyLoupe

As many mobilize to help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts, one cruise line is leading efforts to help those affected by the horrific storm. Royal Caribbean International is sending ships to provide aid to various Caribbean islands, and they've got one in the works to help Key West.

So far, humanitarian sailings have set out with water, ice, canned food, and other supplies to help hurricane victims in St. Martin and St. Thomas. "We were able to evacuate around 320 tourists and local people who needed help and needed to get out of St. Martin," said Michael Bayley, CEO of Royal Caribbean International on Good Morning America. "They all boarded the ship yesterday evening and are comfortable, and we're taking them on to the ABC islands [Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao], where they'll probably disembark."

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Another ship is headed to the Virgin Islands with emergency essentials like water and ice, and to help provide food and take care of hurricane responders. Next, that ship plans to carry up to 2,500 tourists to Puerto Rico where the cruise line is working with multiple airlines to assist in getting vacationers home. Royal Caribbean also plans to send a ship to Key West once conditions are safe.

Here's an excerpt from the latest statement posted on the Royal Caribbean website on Monday, September, 11th at noon EDT:

Kudos to the cruise line for helping their Caribbean neighbors and rescuing stranded tourists.