Roselyn Sanchez and hubby Eric Winter dish on playing competing restauranteurs in A Taste of Summer and their keys to a successful, long marriage.

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Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez
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In another new film from Hallmark's "Summer Nights" lineup, Roselyn Sanchez stars opposite her real-life husband, Eric Winter, for the very first time in A Taste of Summer. The story of this rom-com centers around Sanchez and Winter playing dueling restauranteurs. Sanchez is a sous chef from the big city who comes to a small town to visit her sister and realize her dream of opening her own restaurant. Winter plays the owner of the established go-to spot already in town across the street. Of course, sparks fly—and not just in the kitchen.

The culinary themed flick is a first for the husband and wife duo who've worked together on producing projects for their production company and writing their children's book, Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha.

But, the two have never before acted together. The couple recently spoke to Southern Living and shared how starring together in this movie was a whole family affair.

"We had a lot of fun. We liked the material. We thought it was just clean and positive and a movie that our daughter can watch with us. We took the whole family and went to Vancouver for three weeks. It was lovely," Sanchez said.

Sanchez and Winter have two children, and their eldest is old enough to really soak in the experience of going to work with mom and dad. Working with Hallmark was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

"It was beautiful to be able to have the kids come to set. Once again because it's a Hallmark movie and it's very safe. It's a feel-good movie. So, when you go to set everybody is very welcoming. To be able to have Sabella see behind the scenes, spending time with mom and dad while they're working together…with material that is good for her…that she can actually watch and enjoy and we don't have to be hiding anything and she doesn't have to be in the trailer while we're shooting the scenes because it might be a little bit too dark or there is some kissing involved or whatever. To be able to just have her come and go comfortably was great."

Although Sanchez plays a professional chef in the movie, she and Winter admitted that in their home, it's a "cook for survival" mentality. Sanchez divulged to us that although you see her in the kitchen, the close-ups on those expert knife skills are a stunt double. "It's not me cutting because there was gonna be a lot of blood involved!" she joked. Winter admitted that his character, Caleb, "cooked kind of like I cook. Burgers, grilling, it's a sports bar."

The couple enjoyed their first experience starring opposite one another and hope to repeat it soon. It's clear that these two have figured out a thing or two about maintaining a long, healthy partnership—both professionally and personally.

"I think the base of it all is support and respect and understanding that to be able to be happy you have to be happy with yourself first and then you're able to give more once you know exactly who you are," Sanchez said, also acknowledging that this takes conscious effort. "Marriage is like any other job, there is a lot of work involved."

"Quitting isn't an option. You just have to push through. Like she said, work hard and find ways to appreciate each other's growth and change on their life journey and try to rediscover each other along the way. And keep it interesting. As she said, if you don't put in that work, like anything you're not going to reach your full potential," Winter added.

As for mixing marriage and work, the two agree that it's a team effort, through and through.

"Hear each other out whenever you're trying to build something. I think if anyone becomes way too dominant and assuming they're always right…it's challenging… And I think honoring each other's sensibility is really important," said Winter.

Sanchez also points out that whether or not you are collaborating with your spouse professionally, things shift when you become parents. "Parents know it's not about them anymore…Now it's about trying to create the best little human beings possible and doing it together as a unit, I think you have a chance."

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A Taste of Summer premieres Saturday night, August 10th on Hallmark Channel at 8PM EST. You can also find Sanchez starring in ABC's Grand Hotel, and Winter will return to season 2 of ABC's The Rookie in September.