Goose and Dixie found a safe haven in the laundry room.

Florida Horses Dixie and Goose
Credit: Taittyn Fischer/Facebook

As Hurricane Irma plowed through south Florida this past weekend, two horses were able to seek shelter in the comfort of their owners' home.

Georgia Mott, 19, and her roommate Taittyn Fischer, 18, of Okeechobee County couldn't bear the thought of leaving their two horses, Goose and Dixie, outside in the barn during the storm. Fresh out of options, since their county doesn't have pet-friendly shelters, the pair had to take matters into their own hands.

According to Mott, they transformed the laundry room into a makeshift barn and temporary enclosure, covering the floor with tarp and lining it with shavings and hay to make the hoofed animals feel right at home. Buckets of water were also hung around the laundry room for Goose and, fellow pregnant mare, Dixie to drink. As you can see in the Facebook video below that Fischer posted, the horses were led to safety inside the home on Saturday night and remained there through Monday, September 11.

Mott, who is also a barrel racer, said that although Irma flooded the pasture, but the barn, itself, was left completely intact. Still, the Floridians, were concerned that wind-borne debris could've injured the horses, if they were left defenseless outside.

"It sounded like my house was about to blow away," said Mott. "It was really bad all night. We had a tornado right down the road from us."

However, for Goose and Dixie, they rode out the storm as you could only expect brave steeds to do.

"They [horses] are loving it," Fischer told Fox35. "Isn't fazing them whatsoever."

Once Fischer's Facebook posts started to go viral, animal lovers began to commend the two women on taking the necessary precautions to protect their horses.

Catherine Graham, a Facebook user, wrote on Fischer's post: "You have given me so much hope. We need more people like you caring for their beloved animals. Bless you and your animal family."

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To which Mott responded, echoing the sentiment of many Floridians and those affected by Hurricane Irma: "We were very lucky."