It doesn't get much cuter than this.
Robin's Nest Feed
Credit: PRS-Tech/YouTube

Birdwatching is having a moment amid the coronavirus pandemic, and thanks to one North Carolina dad, you don’t have to go outside to participate.

When a mama robin began laying eggs in the covered area above his porch of his Apex home, Seth Sinclair installed a security camera to get a better view of the family, reports WRAL. He also set up a livestream video feed on YouTube so people around the world could watch the adorableness unfold.

The first of the eggs hatched on Tuesday, and as of this morning, all four nestlings could be seen with their mouths agape, looking to be fed.

Whether the mama bird is fluffing her nest, feeding her hungry babies, or getting a few minutes of rest in between, the feed makes for endless entertainment. The father bird has even stopped by a few times to help deliver bugs to the hatchlings. Like the hundreds of strangers around the world who are tuning in, Sinclair and his two young children are also hooked.

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Sinclair told WRAL that his children, 7 and 2, love to watch the birds, especially his toddler.

"She shouts, 'Babies! Babies!,' when she sees them," he said.

We’re right there with you, kiddo!