We're so moo-ved by this story.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 27, 2017

Today, in heartwarming news, we're blushing with happiness over this touching story of Minnie Moo the cow and her very special first birthday party. There was certainly a lot to celebrate for this resilient animal. After being born prematurely and getting rejected by her mother, she also suffered from pneumonia.

Thankfully, Lee and Tracy Orr, the owners of Sunnyside Stables in Rosemount, Minnesota came to her aid and helped bring her back to health. To celebrate her first birthday and their love for the cow, the team at Sunnyside Stables took things to new heights. They threw a fête for the cow complete with a birthday cake (banana-and-oats flavored, much to Minnie Moo's delight), a festive pink crown, and plenty of fun photos.

We're so grateful for the cow's healthy recovery and looking forward to toasting the oh-so-cute Minnie Moo for many more years to come.

Watch this video from ABC News to view the whole feel-good story.