The surprise came for farmer Daniel Hayden in a recent episode of Amazon's Regular Heroes, a show that profiles essential workers who keep America running through the pandemic.
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During these tough times, many of us are finding inspiration in the men and women across our country who are keeping America running during the coronavirus outbreak. One series we've been particularly moved by as of late is Amazon's Regular Heroes. From hospital technicians to sanitation workers, each episodes chronicles a day-in-the-life of three everyday heroes logging long hours at work, despite the hardships of the current climate.

You may be feeling lonely or down, and then you watch an episode—and boom, many of your daily woes are put in perspective. Recently, county music website Wide Open Country clued us in to episode six, "The Farmer, the Mechanic, and the Bus Driver," during which Brad Paisley pays tribute to three hard workers, one of which is Daniel Hayden, a farmer from Kentucky.

"As farmers know all too well, any small change in weather or supply lines can be the difference between a bountiful harvest or financial ruin," Paisley said in the episode per Wide Open Country. "Since the COVID pandemic began, an already fragile ecosystem has been thrown into chaos."

"I'm blessed to get the opportunity to do it every day and we have to do it every day," Hayden relayed to viewers in the episode. "Since [coronavirus] hit, it's been hard for us to get a hold of N95 masks. They do work the best for us for keeping dust out of our lungs when we're working." Farming has always been a hard way to make a living, and now, perhaps more than ever in recent history, the difficulties have become even more amplified.

When the episode wraps up, Paisley has a surprise in store for Hayden and his wife, and tells the couple to head outside. There, the couple see they've been given several boxes of N95 masks and two Hayden Farms belt buckles for Hayden and his dad. Then, Paisley breaks the news to the Haydens that Regular Heroes will help fund fertility treatments for them. "That means the world to us," an emotional Hayden said. "That is our number one priority—passing it on to the next generation. We've been having trouble with that for a while."

Ready to feel incredibly touched? Watch the series on Amazon Prime here.

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