Thanks to this maneuver, one woman shed thirty pounds.
Woman Opening Fridge
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So you want to lose weight? You're not alone. Friends, co-workers, and families are all there to support you, of course. And so is one more friend — and sometimes foe — your refrigerator.

At times, the fridge can be a landmine for unhealthy choices. That leftover slice of pizza. Some brownies from your neighborhood potluck. That half-eaten bucket of fried chicken sure does entice. But your fridge can also set you up for success, and it all takes is a quick reorganization of its contents to help empower you to stay on track.

The key is six simple words: Keep healthy foods at eye level. Lauren Nuno, a Weight Watchers member and mother of four who recently shed 30 pounds credits this move for her impressive weight loss, and her family eating better, as recently shared in USA Today. When Nuno swings open her refrigerator door, she finds nutritious staples like fruit (grapes and oranges are some of her go-tos), yogurt, and satiating eggs. "Sweet or less healthy options are harder to find. She will often hide cookies in drawers, because we all know that's were produce usually goes to die," the article's author Ashley May writes.

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Moving the food in your fridge around to get good-for-you staples in easy reach only takes a few minutes, but can make a lasting difference. For Nuno, the prep work starts as soon as she returns home from the grocery store. Then, she'll wash and cut up produce and hard-boil some eggs to have them at the ready when hunger strikes. Items like peanut butter, hummus (carrot hummus, anyone?), and whole wheat tortillas are also great foods to have displayed prominently in your fridge. Happy snacking, folks.