Ready to supercharge your day?

What do you do when you wake up? Is it an immediate beeline to the kitchen for coffee? A quick walk for some fresh air? Contemplate "what's for dinner?" (Us too.)

Well, perhaps its time you channel your inner Reese Witherspoon in your morning M.O.. On Sunday at a Crate & Barrel event in New York City to celebrate the Draper James collaboration, the star revealed how she kicks off her day: "I read a couple of email newsletters because it's food for thought for my brain, and I enjoy having constructive conversation with people at my company," explained Witherspoon, as reported by Apartment Therapy. "I want to be able to talk about all kinds of things, because I like to have meaningful conversations with people."

Witherspoon also makes the effort to fit in exercise at the beginning of the day. "I try to squeeze in exercise because it changes my brain, and I'm a nicer person when I exercise," Witherspoon said, adding that so long as you have sneakers and a GPS, you're ready to hit the road.

After you've made your bed — right? Right! — here are five more tips to live in the moment from the second you wake up.