"Until you turned 18, I was in charge."

By Meghan Overdeep
May 14, 2018
Facebook/Meet My Mom

It sounds like Reese Witherspoon was quite the little troublemaker growing up!

The Southern starlet celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday by sitting down with her own mama for the inaugural episode of her charming new Facebook series, Meet My Mom.

In the video, Witherspoon, 42, and her mom Betty drank sweet tea on a Nashville porch and talked movies, nerds, and sneaking out past curfew.

When the subject of household rules came up, Betty immediately recalled one night when Reese pushed particularly hard against her midnight curfew.

"We had a big fight—you didn't want to come home from the prom one night," Betty recounted.

"Oh I remember that," Witherspoon chimed in. "That was bad."

"You told me you were not coming home at 12 and I said ‘Yes you were, I was the mother.' Until you turned 18, I was in charge," Betty recalled.

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Thinking back on the incident, Witherspoon couldn't help but laugh.

"Unfortunately, you thought you were in charge," Betty continued, getting another laugh out of her daughter.

"So what time did I come home?" Witherspoon asked.

"12," her mama replied matter-of-factly.

The camera then panned to Witherspoon who shook her head and silently mouthed, "No I didn't."

Watch a clip from the all too relatable interview above, and check out the full mother-daughter interview on Facebook.