Here's her go-to dinner party rule.
Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Two Secrets for Throwing a Great Party, 'Even If the Food Is Bad!'
Credit: Source: Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

The vegetables are finishing roasting in the oven. The Spotify jazz playlist is thrumming through the living room. The doorbell rings. Now what?

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For Southerner Reese Witherspoon, the next step when your guests arrive is obvious, whether it's for Burns Supper or a birthday bash. "I like to offer people a drink when they come in and the wifi code—because don't people want to know the wifi code immediately?" Witherspoon says in an interview with MyDomaine. In 2017, it's certainly safe to assume that yes, people do (especially if you'll be enjoying FaceTime with friends who couldn't make the soirée). It also makes people feel welcome and is a virtual extension of the "my home is your home" ethos. The gesture of asking if your guests would like a drink, too, of course, puts people at ease and welcomes them to your home.

Of course, for a festive cocktail this holiday season, we're having a hard time deciding between an Ambrosia Cocktail and Apple Butter Sparklers, so be sure to taste test before guests arrive. That way you will be able to offer them your sagest counsel, of course. Now, time to write down that wifi code so we don't forget.