Boy can we relate!
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For most of us, the realization that we are turning into our parents doesn't happen overnight. It's a slow, steady, inevitable progression.

For Reese Witherspoon, however, the fact that she was becoming her mother dawned on her in a flash. As the Southern starlet detailed in her new book Whiskey In A Teacup, it was a small flea market purchase that caused her to step back and look at the woman she'd grown into, and what she saw, left her reeling.

"Recently I came home from the flea market with a little frog soap dish," Witherspoon, 42, writes. "It was so jaunting, so charming, in the way it caught the sun. I loved its character and its little hat and its…Oh, dear God, I thought in a flash of horror, I've become my mother!"

The Oscar-winner recounts the humbling experience in a passage titled "Flea Market Strategies." In it, Witherspoon shares childhood memories of family outings to the flea market. Witherspoon, who now has three kids of her own, recalls how her mother would pick out little ceramic animal figurines for her collection. She remembers how she and her brother, John, were each given a certain amount of money to buy spend on something for themselves. Unlike herself, Witherspoon says that her brother always saved his money.

We don't know, Reese. It could definitely be much worse than turning into your sweet mama!