In the battle over the best queso, this celebrity reigned supreme.

By Meghan Overdeep
May 01, 2018
Credit: Facebook

A true Southern lady doesn't often go to battle, but when she does, it's probably in defense of one of her tried-and-true recipes.

Recently, the folks over at Delish set out to determine which of our favorite television personalities makes the best queso: the shiplap queen of Texas, Joanna Gaines, or Oklahoma's resident pioneer woman, Ree Drummond.

The luckiest members of the Delish staff were filmed, one chip at a time, as they compared Gaines' Magnolia Table recipe for "Party Queso," with Drummond's hearty, downhome version of the beloved Tex-Mex dip.

Gaines' recipe starts by sautéing jalapeño and onion in butter, then adding a whopping three cups of heavy cream and Velveeta cheese. Once it's melted, she stirs in pinto beans, black beans, chopped fresh tomatoes, and a heap of cilantro. The result is a giant pot of gooey (and dare we say runny?) queso.

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On the other hand, Drummond's recipe calls for a pound of hot breakfast sausage and onion cooked together in a large nonstick skillet. Next, comes the Velveeta cheese, a can of diced tomatoes and green chiles and two cans chopped green chiles. Once it's nice and melty, you can stir in the jalapeño.

In the end, the taste testers were nearly unanimous. Want to see which beloved culinary maven's queso reigns supreme? Watch the video above to find out.