Did you know the Food Network star has two first names?


Picturing Ree Drummond with any other name besides Ree is like picturing her with a hair color other than red (spoiler alert: she once dyed her signature locks brown!).

But, did you know the name Ree is actually a nickname? Drummond was born Ann Marie Smith in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. "Ree" became an abbreviated moniker for "Marie" and the nickname stuck. Like many Southerners, the Sooner State resident was given two first names, and the so-called "double-name trend" has long been a tradition in the South. When Ann Marie "Ree" Smith married Ladd Drummond in 1996, she took on his last name and became Ree Drummond, the recognizable appellation she goes by today.

We wonder if anybody still calls her Ann Marie. We can't imagine calling her anything other than Ree—ahem, or The Pioneer Woman.