Ree Drummond is bringing bacon meatloaf, mac and cheese, and Tex Mex breakfast bowls to a Walmart near you.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 01, 2018
Credit: Courtesy Walmart

Does your mouth water just thinking about bacon meatloaf or loaded mashed potatoes? But does the idea of cooking dinner after a long day sometimes feel daunting? Pioneer Woman to the rescue.

Today, Walmart announced they'll be joining forces with Drummond to launch a prepared food line that will be available exclusively at the discount retailer starting next week. The collection of pre-made dishes will consist of side dishes, entrées, and breakfast bowls, all for the affordable price of $7 or less — and considering each dish serves two, the cost-per-serving is even less. "My number one goal with my new line of entrees and sides is to give folks a taste of my family's favorite dishes, all ready to heat and serve," Drummond said in the company press release. "For those times you're rushed or just don't have time to prep and cook food from scratch…this is the next best thing!" Of course, you're free to jazz up each dish as you see fit, but all are ready to consume as-is after you heat them up in the oven or microwave.

The comfort-food category will be made up of smothered chicken ($5.98), fried chicken ($6.98), country fried steak ($6.98), and bacon meatloaf ($5.98). The side dishes include creamy mashed potatoes ($3.98), loaded mashed potatoes ($3.98), and mac and cheese ($3.98). And rounding out the lineup is the breakfast bowls category, featuring the country breakfast bowl ($2.98), meaty breakfast bowl ($3.48), and Tex Mex breakfast bowl ($2.98)

Credit: Courtesy Walmart

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For those who love to cook from scratch, fear not, Drummond isn't going anywhere. In fact, she's been hard at work at her new cookbook. But on busy fall nights, popping a litlte bit of Pioneer Woman magic in the oven and serving sure does sound A-OK by this Pawhuska fan.