Ree Drummond Just Shared the Most Hilarious Blooper from Her Kids Filming The Pioneer Woman

Oh Ree, we can always count on you for a laugh.

Today - Season 68 Ree Drummond
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Here's one thing we know: Staying at home virtually 24/7 during the coronavirus pandemic would be a lot less interesting without the inspiration and tutorials from some of our favorite celebrity chefs. During quarantine, we've loved getting cooking videos and tips from kitchen crushes like Joanna Gaines and Ina Garten. We've praised the skies above when Food Network announced its giving away one-year free subscriptions to Food Network Kitchen Premium on all Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablet devices. When Ree Drummond has a hankering for five-minute chocolate mug cake, we make like a Pawhuska Princess and whip up our own cuppa (see below).

Now, we're grateful that The Pioneer Woman has us keeled over in laughter. This time around, its thanks to a blooper she posted from filming her hit Food Network series at home as her own children step in as the ad hoc film crew. As she makes what appears to be a delicious broccoli-cheese soup, she manages to drive her daughter Paige bonkers by being a tad prankish in adding the broccoli florets—one-by-one.

"This would have been one of my favorite moments in this Saturday’s (upcoming) episode if I’d been able to keep a straight face, which I have a hard time doing whenever I’m trying to get a rise out of my girls! I’ll try again next time," she captions the video, depicting her enervating her dearest Paige. "Hope you’re enjoying the shows my kids are shooting! I’m having fun spending time with them and driving them crazy." Check out the clip below.

Along with this blooper, Drummond has been delighting her fans with more behind-the-scenes funny and hilarious outtakes on her Instagram page in recent weeks. From arm wrestling to humorous moments between parents and child, there's no shortage of laughs on the Drummond family ranch.

WATCH: Ree Drummond's Five-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake Is the Simple, Soothing Recipe We All Need

Speaking of the Drummond family ranch, we're looking forward to the day that we can safely travel again to tour these beautiful grounds in the Sooner State. For now, we're extending a virtual hug to everyone staying at home right now as we weather the storm alone, together.

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