Ree Drummond Shares That Her Family's "Peaceful Pond" Is One of Her Favorite Spots on the Pawhuska Ranch

"On still mornings, the pink/orange/red sky is perfectly reflected in the water, so it looks like two separate sunrises," says Drummond of the ethereal pond.

Right about now amidst an ongoing pandemic, many of us wish we had a sprawling ranch in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of fresh air and room to roam. Ree Drummond's ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, pretty much fits the bill perfectly, if you ask us. Now, in a new blog post on, Drummond has shared more about the grounds' "peaceful pond," which is "one of [her] favorite spots on the ranch."

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In the article, Drummond shares a bit about what makes this body of water so special, admitting that it took her a while to come around to it when her children were little. "It was a constant reminder of the dangers that country kids face (the same fear of drowning my mother-in-law, Nan, had for her three boys). But as my kids grew older, learned to swim, and could keep themselves safe, the pond became a place of calm for me," she writes. "Because it's directly east of our house, the sun rises over the pond each day—and this is the main view from our living room, where I have my morning coffee. On still mornings, the pink/orange/red sky is perfectly reflected in the water, so it looks like two separate sunrises."

And in the glimpses Drummond has given us of this nook of her property on social media, we must say it lives up to its kaleidoscopic description under the sun's omnipotent glow.

Calling the pond "soul-centering," Drummond reflects on some more of the reasons she cherishes this pond. "It was here that I taught my kids about the earth's water cycle, pond creatures, and even drought—now they can gauge how dry the whole ranch is by how full the pond looks. Major memories happened here, too," she shares. "The pond is where, in 2003, I told Ladd I was pregnant with Todd. It is also where Ladd told me his intentions to name our fourth baby Bull (thank God he forgot about that one!)." On a final poignant note, she adds, "while much has changed since then, I can always count on the sun rising here every morning."

Read the full blog post and see more photos of the pond here.

Do you have a beloved place in your home or area that gives you a similar sense of tranquility? There's nothing like the great outdoors to soothe the soul—breathe some of that air for us, Ree.

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