Leave it to The Pioneer Woman to know exactly what to do to stop siblings' arguments in their tracks.

We knew Ree Drummond was a guru in all things cooking and ranch life, but now we know The Food Network star is a guru when it comes to parenting as well.

As The Pioneer Woman website originally reported, Ree recently sat down with her 21-year-old daughter Paige for an Instagram Live during which the duo talked about family dynamics in the Drummond household. With four biological children and the recent addition of foster son Jamar, fighting is all but inevitable in their bustling home.

But here's the smart strategy Drummond employs when arguments arise: "I don't get too involved in refereeing because they kind of have to learn to figure it out. But for, like, really bickering and fighting I just order them to stop," Drummond said.

"Or hug! She makes us hug and shake hands," Paige chimed in, to which Drummond agreed and added, "I make them hug a lot, because that actually defuses it."

Sometimes, as Drummond elaborated, that embrace is so awkward that it leads to all parties breaking out into laughter, which squashes the tense situation. What were we fighting about again? We're betting nine times out of 10, whatever the argument was is all but forgotten.

Indeed, it's clear that Mama Drummond is on to something, and we're glad to hear that the hugging and hand-shaking policy works wonders for the Drummond family. Curious to learn more about the inner workings of the Drummond crew on their Pawhuska, Oklahoma, ranch? You can read more in Drummond's new memoir, Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage & Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere, which came out earlier this month.

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Share with us: What's your go-to strategy for cooling things off when things get heated in a family argument? Have you tried the ole hug-and-a-handshake technique?