"We wouldn't trade this crazy roller coaster ride for anything."

Ree Drummond
Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Welcome to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, where there's plenty of room to roam, take in nature's beauty, and explore a charming downtown in one trip to the Sooner State. Two years ago, the allure of Pawhuska blossomed overnight with the opening of Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman Mercantile, a general store, bakery, and restaurant. Since "the Merc's" opening, the Main Street store has expanded its Pawhuska empire to include the nearby P-Town Pizza and the Pioneer Woman Boarding House hotel.

Yesterday, on the store's Halloween anniversary, Drummond took the time to reflect on the store and its evolution and give thanks to the employees and customers who make the magic happen. "Two years ago today, Ladd and I opened @pwmercantile. Some thought we were off our rockers for opening a restaurant, bakery, and retail store so far away from any interstate. And they were absolutely right. Ha! But here's the deal: Rockers are highly overrated! They just go back and forth. We wouldn't trade this crazy roller coaster ride for anything," writes Drummond on Instagram, alongside a photo of a kitchen display area in the store. "We're so grateful to our amazing employees, and to every single person who has come to visit us. We love you. With two years (and lots of learning experiences) under our belts, we look forward to all the fun times ahead."

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Even if you can't make it to The Mercantile in Pawhuska, there's an entire emporium of goodies you can buy from the store online. Our MO for shopping The Pioneer Woman's ample collection? Follow The Mercantile on Instagram, which regularly calls out amazing newcomers, Ree's favorite finds, and sale announcements.

Of course, if you order online you won't be able to nosh on home-style cooking from the restaurant after a shopping spree, but at least you can channel that Pioneer Woman magic every time you step into your own home.

Congrats Ladd and Ree, to many more Merc-iversaries to come!