Aw, PaPa Drummond.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 16, 2018
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Fun fact: The Drummond family own a lot of land, thanks to their generations-old cattle farming operations in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. So much land that the Drummonds ranked 23rd in a list of America's 100 largest landowners in 2016 by LandReport magazine.

So with Oklahoma ranch life in her blood (well, via marriage to hubby Ladd Drummond in 1996), it should come as no surprise that The Pioneer Woman enjoys sharing glimpses with her fans of life on the Drummond family ranch on social media. Earlier today, she wowed us with a stellar shot of a sunrise photo of the "Drummond Ranch" sign along with an interesting backstory.

"This gate has been here a long time. After snapping this photo this morning, I wondered when it was built and was going to guess 1949, but decided to call my father-in-law to confirm. I think I woke him up. Sorry, PaPa," she wrote. "Anyway, he said 1946---the same year 'It's a Wonderful Life' was in theaters, by the way. So from now on, every time I drive by this sign, I will think of Jimmy Stewart."

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Now that she mentions it, the warm and friendly vibe of Pawhuska we see week after week when we tune into The Pioneer Woman, does seem to be similar to the idealic community of Bedford Falls in the classic film. And being reminded of George Bailey on a daily basis, well that's not a bad thing, is it?

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