And it's got nothing to do with the royal wedding!
Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond
Credit: Getty Images

Today, the world may be toasting Harry and Meghan on saying "I do," but The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has another reason to celebrate. No, Drummond didn't bake the royal wedding cake (though we'd certainly be rather excited if she did).

Today's the day her beloved daughter, Paige Drummond, graduates high school! "They were all tiny cowboys/cowgirls yesterday! Now they won't stop graduating from high school. My nephew Caleb last night, my daughter Paige today," Drummond captions a series of four family photos on instagram. "I asked Bryce and Todd to promise me they will never pursue independence, higher education, or any of that nonsense that would one day take them away from their mother. (They have not gotten back to me yet...)"

Drummond's sweet note elicited comments ranging from "your kids all look like you, even have your smile" to "I would never move away from you!"

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With 27,368 likes and counting, we can only wonder how many people will swoon for any photos The Pioneer Mama posts of Paige "a_paige_in_my_book" Drummond in her cap and gown. Harry and Meghan, who?