Mama Ree Drummond gives us a glimpse into Paige's freshmen year at University of Arkansas.
Paige Drummond at College
Credit: Courtesy

Ree Drummond hasn't been shy about how hard it's been to drop off her daughter Paige for freshman year at University of Arkansas earlier this month.

Now, she's shared a humorous yet heartfelt update from life on The Hill. "Paige and I are having a blast at college! This is our friend Mary," writes a tongue-in-cheek Drummond. "I mean Paige is having a blast at college! This is her friend Mary. (Don't worry. I'll be okay soon...)"

Previously, Paige had shared a similar photo on her personal instagram along with other snapshots marking her annoucement that she has joined U of A's Kappa Kappa Gamma sororoity chapter.

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We hope Paige continues to have a great time at school and that Mama Ree adjusts to the transition. We hear baking cookies helps!