"Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart."
Ree Drummond Paige Hug
Credit: instagram.com/thepioneerwoman

Ree Drummond has hugged her daughter Paige goodbye for the semester as the youngster traded the Drummond ranch for the Razorback family.

In an emotional instagram post yesterday, Drummond wrote, "Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart. Leaving your child at college is no picnic. I've done it once before and thought maybe this time would be a little easier. I think it's a little harder. But through all the tears, I see this clearly: What a joy it is to usher her into the next stage of her life. Paige, I'm so grateful to be your mom," captioning a photo of the duo in a tight embrace.

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Back in February, Paige shared the happy news that she'd be "heading to the hill" on her personal instagram account, and Ree has been busy posting up a storm of sentimental pics from family vacations to graduation and beyond.

Ree, we hope you're spending plenty of quality time with pup Henry and the other folks and four-legged friends on the ranch and staying strong. And enjoying plenty of comfort food and cupcakes at The Merc to help you get through things.